The Witterings, Bracklesham and Birdham are some of the last few undeveloped coastal villages on the south coast between Brighton and Southampton.

The Manhood Peninsula contains some of the south’s most important wildlife, high grade agricultural land and critical wetlands, that are vital in the UK’s response to climate change.

Unbelievably our natural and unspoilt landscapes are being put up for unprecedented housing development. These green spaces should be protected from a local development plan but sadly CDC have failed to deliver one in time, so developers are now applying to build on the green agricultural land that our wildlife and ecotourism so heavily relies upon.

If these developments to ahead, our rural villages will merge into one big city on the sea.

Manhope was started in 2017 amidst growing concerns about the urbanisation of the western end of the Manhood Peninsula, just south of Chichester, and was intended to be an informative portal. That remains the central purpose today but with more Manhope volunteers we are actively informing residents through events, newsletters and public meetings.

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Have you considered the impact of further development

  • The existing traffic infrastructure – one road in, one road out.
  • The overwhelmed medical facilities and emergency services.
  • Inadequate sewage and water drainage systems.
  • The flood risk with developments proposed in low lying flood plains.
  • Endangered wildlife – using animal corridors for development.
  • The lack of employment opportunities in the area.
  • The loss of eco tourism and its impact on the local economy.

Currently there are planning applications for 832 more houses on the Western Manhood

The latest application, mid-July 2021, (21/01830/OUT) for 150 houses and a “community park” in the green field opposite Birdham Stores brings the total number currently under consideration to 832 . This is on top of the 378 recently completed or currently under construction in Birdham, The Witterings, Bracklesham, and Earnley alone. Across the whole Peninsula the total number of new houses could be over 3,000. Never before have our Parish Councils come together with such a single purpose – to oppose these large and speculative developments.

To help you can :

  • Write to your Parish Council offering your support.
  • Make sure you object to the latest and all large applications – see below.
  • Write to Andrew Frost and Susan Taylor Heads of Planning at CDC – see below.
  • Write to our MP Gillian Keegan
How to object

Environmental Information Reporting Form

East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council are building a database of environmental issues that affect the Parish. This evidence will help them to produce a comprehensive picture of the current vulnerabilities in the Parish and help to lobby the relevant statutory organisations more effectively for improvements and changes.

The form can be used to report any sewage or surface water flooding incidents, and to share significant wildlife sightings. Please contribute towards this database and attach photos if possible so they can build a photo archive of evidence.

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Proposed constituency boundary changes – moving half the Manhood Peninsula from Chichester to Bognor Regis

Splitting the Peninsula in half displays a lack of local knowledge, there are no ties that bind half of the Manhood Peninsula to Bognor Regis. The Manhood needs to remain intact as a single entity within the Chichester Constituency. See more information at MPAG.

Comment online Boundary Commission | Mpag

Current Applications

150 houses

Main Road, Birdham

This application just appeared on yet another green field site opposite Birdham Stores for 150 dwellings and a "community park" . This brings the total CURRENT applications to over 800 just for the Western end of the Manhood Peninsula.

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To say what you think about this and other urbanisation

65 houses

Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham

This application for 65 houses on yet another green field site could lead to substantial urbanisation. Note roadway on plan to facilitate access to larger site and possibly linkup  with Barratts site in Church Road East Wittering. Could lead to more than 800 houses eventually.

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100 houses

Clappers Lane, Earnley



​We will keep you informed

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70 houses (226)

Church Road, East Wittering

Application refused by CDC but now under appeal by developer Welbeck.

Comments required by 20th December. Appeal hearing expected Mach 2022.

Explanatory document can be found here.

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320 Houses

Church Road, East Wittering

Greenfield site where Barratts have already started the pre-application process by trying to persuade CDC that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not required.If you think they should be forced to do so, prior to the full application then click below.

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32 houses

Earnley Concourse, Earnley

One planning application refused - which is the one linked below.  However an earlier application on this site 19/02493/OUT has gone to appeal on the grounds of "non-determination"..

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1000+ houses


Because of a completely flawed housing strategy and calculator Chichester is being forced to identify potential sites that can accomodate an impractical number of houses. Lobby Ministers, M.P,s and Council Leaders.

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Worse will follow without a local plan

25 houses

Church LANE, Birdham


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73 houses

Bell Lane, Birdham

aka Kelly's Nurseries. Chichester Harbour AONB, many local parishes and local residents have all objected many citing sewage inadequacy, traffic and other issues.  Planning Committee have deferred their decision pending further information

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