How to object to a planning application

The quickest way to object is by emailing

You can list more than one application in the same objection but must include all reference numbers.

You must add your address in order for CDC to post your objection.

You can add attachments, such as photographs, to support your objection.

Your comments will be added to the CDC portal once received.

Emotional outcries don’t impress the planners; Well-argued facts do.

  • The existing traffic infrastructure – one road in, one road out.
  • The overwhelmed medical facilities and emergency services.
  • Inadequate sewage and water drainage systems
  • The flood risk with developments proposed in low lying flood plains.
  • Endangered wildlife – using animal corridors for development.
  • The lack of employment opportunities in the area.
  • The loss of eco tourism and its impact on the local economy.

How to comment on a planning appeal using Barratt’s Stubcroft appeal as an example.

Barratt’s have lodged an appeal against C.D.C.s refusal of planning application  22/02214/FULEIA..  The appeal reference is APP/L3815/W/24/3341439

You can comment on this appeal, but the inspector will read any previous comments you may have made so don’t just repeat what you have said before.  Either add new and relevant points ie latest storm surge especially adding pictures or re-emphasis in bullet point form any points you feel very strongly about.

You do need to register with the Planning Inspectorate in order to make a comment.  Whilst annoying it’s relatively easy to do and something we should all do. 

Follow the steps below for commenting on line or go to the end of this section for the postal address


  1. Go to the registration page by clicking here
  2. Fill in the boxes and click “Next”
  3. Enter a username and password and submit.
  4. They will send you an email. On receipt click where requested in that email.

You are now registered so when you are ready but before the 20th May 2024  you can make a comment.

Make respresentation (comment) on this appeal

  1. Go to  See right hand side of form and in the box type 3341439
  2. then click ”Submit Search”
  3. Hit Make Representation and follow instructions.

What to say

Clearly you can say what you like but it may help to be reminded why CDC, backed by all our local parishes, rejected the application.  In simple terms theses were:

  • Risk of future tidal flooding,
  • Insufficient information that the site will be adequately drained.
  • Loss of habitat for overwintering species.
  • Insufficient mitigation for water voles and other reptiles,
  • Lack of safe and adequate access to highway for pedestrians & cyclists.
  • Combination of severe impacts upon the road network and a lack of mitigation,
  • Potential severe impact on strategic road network (cumulative effect).
  • Loss of an area of best and most versatile agricultural land,
  • Lack of information to demonstrate suitable measures to mitigate the impacts of noise.
  • Lack of S106 legal agreement to secure a range of infrastructure.

If you would prefer to write rather than email, full contact details are shown below for the Planning Inspectorate who are based in Bristol.

The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

Planning Inspectorate customer support  team Re at
Telephone: 0303 444 5000