Manhood Peninsula Bullet Points on Main Objections 2021

Object to or

Or Chichester Planning Department at

1. Church Road for 70 houses ref: 20/02491/OUT

2. Stubcoft Farm for 320 houses ref: 21/01090/EIA

3. Clappers Lane for 100 houses ref: 20/03125/OUT




  1. EXCESSIVE TRAFFIC – already at a dangerous and intolerable level. The area is served by only one main road
  2. INCREASING GROUNDWATER – waterlogged fields during most winter months now. Housing developments will make this much worse, with more flooding likely
  3. CLIMATE CHANGE – RISING SEA LEVELS – Government, MPs, Councillors and Planners seem to be ignoring Climate Change
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE – wildlife loss on land and sea, air pollution, light pollution, problems with sewage system already
  5. INSUFFICIENT INFRASTRUCTURE – poor transport links with no improvements made, overwhelmed surgeries and lack of schools, no bank, lack of facilities for the young and older
  6. LACK OF EMPLOYMENT – few permanent year-round jobs available with over 400 jobs having been lost in recent years.